Brand ecosystems

What is a brand eco system?

First let’s take a look at this quote by Jaleh Bisharat “”A BRAND IS WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR CUSTOMER’S MIND WHEN THEY HEAR YOUR NAME.”


When customers think of your brand, they may think back to their experiences with you. In their mind, those collections of memories and feelings ARE your logo.


This is where we come in. We design the perfect logo that represents the feelings and collections of memories of you and your customers. We give your business a face that people can look at and recognize.


Now that people can recognize what you represent in a pleasing visual format, the question becomes, what do you represent? Who is your business? What is your business’ personality?


This is why content creation is so important. What is social media but not a series of photos, graphics,  and videos that collectively give someone a quick overview of what you’re about. What does it say if you have a large amount of people eager to interact with your brand?


Content Creation is all about creating images, videos, and graphics that your followers can interact with, identify with, and believe in. Combining branding with your social media posts, takes all the content your audience loves and associates with your logo or the face of your business. So in this sense, if the logo is the face, then social media is your personality and our job is to connect the two seamlessly.


So now you have a logo (face) and a social media strategy (personality), now what?

Well now your business has a following of people interested in what you have to say, what you have to offer, and they just need another excuse to come hang out with you. This is where the term ‘ecosystem’ comes into play. Through the power of branding and social media content creation, your business now has influence to persuade your audience to act. Our job is to create content that influences your audience to act in your businesses favor. Whether that’s promoting sales of your online store, announcing a new product, increasing event attendance, selling branded products, or just simply increasing your businesses awareness.

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